"Everyone should know that many  areas of Lake Louisa are experiencing significant Cyanobacteria algae blooms.  The colour of these blooms ranges from gold-brown to pea soup green.  These are expected to continue while the weather stays warm. They may pop up anywhere and they may spread.  They will come and go during this time period.
Based on consultations with environmental scientists, in addition to not swimming in or near the blooms and not drinking directly from the lake, LLPOA recommends that people not drink their in-house water if it's from the lake, no matter what kind of technology they have. Use the springwater on des Sources. 
You can use your in-house treated lake water to do dishes, laundry and to shower, providing there's no odour or discolouration.  But do NOT ingest it in any way, including teeth brushing, ice cubes, etc. See the important notice from Mrs. Agnès Grondin, Biologist and Environmental Advisor at the MRC of Argenteuil which follows.


Following the recommendations of Mrs. Agnès Grondin, Biologist and Environmental Advisor at the MRC of Argenteuil, the Municipality of the Township of Wentworth advises the residents of Lake Louisa to take necessary precautions following the appearance of «algal blooms» and that, even 24 to 48 hours after their disappearance :

  • Avoid drinking water from the lake;
  • Do not boil water for drinking.
    For aquatic and nautical activities :
  • Keep at least 3 meters away from «algal blooms» or foam;
  • Avoid any activity that may bring you into contact with them.

In collaboration with the MRC of Argenteuil and CRE Laurentides, the Municipality of the Township of Wentworth invites residents to participale in the monitoring of the situation and share their photos and or findings with the Municipality at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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