New Technology and the Old Septic Challenge

Late May of last year, it was time to get out and do the annual trimming and clean- up to ready the cottage for the summer season. With a lot on well-forested, fairly rough terrain, it’s not a big job - more of an annual “rite of spring”. I was in for a bit of a surprise however, as, on rounding the back corner of the cottage, I encountered a rather large crevice where the septic tank had been. Uh, oh, I thought, we have a problem.

How They Work and How to Extend Their Life


Septic tanks must have structural integrity and be watertight. The most commonly used construction material for septic tanks is concrete, which is precast for easy installation in the field. Other materials include fiberglass and polyethylene.

Life Expectancy

A well-designed and maintained tank should last 30 plus years.

lac louisaIf you haven't already, you may want to give "green" cleaning a try instead of using toxic commercial products! There are many recipes for environmentally safe cleaning; here are just a few of the recipes community members have used to keep their homes clean and green!

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wentworthFor a list of materials that can be recycled in Wentworth click here.


Too much phosphate in the lake results in an overabundance of aquatic plants and algae. Don't get us wrong!!! The plants are essential for many reasons. But you can have too much of a good thing!!

The phosphate count in Lake Louisa TRIPLED in the fall of 2005?

lac louisaNatural Pesticidal and Fungicidal Recipes These can be made easily at home, but use sparingly, or they will kill the good bugs such as spiders and ladybugs, along with the bad ones.