2015 2008 rsvlWe have improved or maintained our year-over-year averages for all RSVL testing variables - phosphorus, chlorophylland dissolved organic carbon - at all three locations.  As well, we have shown significant improvement in transparency both in the results and the number of tests taken.  According to RSVL's recommendation, we will attempt to take all of our transparency tests within the required time frame - 10 am to 3 pm.  Please thank our stalwart volunteers - Debbie and Randy Sinclair, John Perkins and Roger Elliott - when you see them.  These results would not be possible without their effort.
This year 2016, we will complete a third consecutive year of variable testing.  That will allow us to maintain a program of 3 years on and 3 years off that we began in 2008.  To my knowledge, there were no reports of cyanobacteria last year.  Please let me know if this is not the case.
There has been no further progress in either periphyton measurement or shoreline mapping.
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Once again, the results are available in French only. Click here are the water testing results for 2008-2015.