Transparency Testing - Raw Data 2016

The results are available in French only.

2016 transparence de leaulYour stalwart group of volunteers have done yeoman service yet again -  Roger Elliott and Bonnie Seale at Site A, John Perkins at Site B, Debbie and Randy Sinclair at Site C and Dany Miron and Jack Davis at all three sites as chemical testing was being completed.  Here are the results of their efforts.  Please note that, once again this year, we have exceeded the RSVL requirement for minimum number of tests.  Note also that, unless we get a different direction from RSVL, we have completed our chemical testing series and will not be expecting to do that again for at least three years.  The transparency testing continues every year.

Perhaps we can use the break to begin/complete other projects that have been left pending.  Namely, shoreline mapping and periphyton observation.  Additional volunteer support would be welcome to complete these daunting tasks.

the results are available in French only.
2015 2008 rsvlWe have improved or maintained our year-over-year averages for all RSVL testing variables - phosphorus, chlorophylland dissolved organic carbon - at all three locations.  As well, we have shown significant improvement in transparency both in the results and the number of tests taken.  According to RSVL's recommendation, we will attempt to take all of our transparency tests within the required time frame - 10 am to 3 pm.  Please thank our stalwart volunteers - Debbie and Randy Sinclair, John Perkins and Roger Elliott - when you see them.  These results would not be possible without their effort.