1-1 The Association is organized for the common good of all property owners and residents of Lake Louisa and its environs.  Its major aim is to concern itself with all environmental issues with emphasis on the quality of the lake water, the protection of the shoreline and the watershed.


2-1 The name of the Association shall be Lake Louisa Property Owners Association.


3-1 The headquarters of the Association shall be within the community of Lake Louisa, in the Township of Wentworth, in the Province of Quebec, at a location determined by the Board of Directors.


4-1 Membership in the Association shall be available to all property owners and residents within the community.

4-2 Annually the property owners and residents of Lake Louisa will be solicited to contribute funds required to meet the Association’s financial objectives.


5-1 The general management and control of the affairs, monies and property of the Association shall be vested in the Board of Directors, subject only to the Constitution and decisions taken and direction given by a majority of votes at the Annual and other Special Meetings.

5-2 The Board of Directors shall consist of nine members (changed to 12 in 2000) elected for a three year term. Each year three directors will complete their terms of office and elections will be held for the following three years.

5-3 Following the Annual Meeting the elected Directors shall meet and elect from their ranks a President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.

5-4 When a vacancy occurs on the Board of Directors between Annual Meetings, the Board by majority vote will appoint a successor to hold office until the next Annual meeting.

5-5 The Past President shall appoint and chair a Nominating Committee of at least three members at large. This committee shall report to the Board with nominees at least 14 days before the Annual Meeting.

5-6 Any member may nominate an individual at least 14 days before the Annual meeting providing that the nomination is signed by that member and at least two other members in good standing.


6-1 The Annual meeting shall be held on a date to be determined by the Board of Directors within the period between July 1st and August 15th. The Board of Directors shall determine the time and place of the Annual meeting. At least 14 days notice will be given for this meeting.

6-2 The President shall present the report of the Nominating Committee at the Annual meeting. If more than the required number of Directors are nominated an election shall be held by secret ballot.

6-3 Special meetings may be called at any time by the Board of Directors with sufficient notice to the members.

6-4 For the purpose of voting each member shall have one vote.

6-5 Members may vote in person or by written proxy on major issues as decided by the Board of Directors.


7-1 Twenty voting members duly present shall constitute a quorum at the Annual or Special meetings.

7-2 Five Directors shall constitute a quorum at any meeting of the Board of Directors.


8-1 Members of the Board, Chairpersons of Committees and committee members shall serve without remuneration, subject to reimbursement for bonafide expenses incurred in the course of the Associations business and approved by the Board of Directors or their designate. Honorariums may be offered at the discretion of the Board.

8-2 The fiscal year of the Association shall commence on the first day of January and end on the thirty first day of December of each year.

8-3 Cheques or other negotiable instruments must be signed by the Treasurer and one of the following: the President, Vice-President or Secretary.

8-4 An annual audit of the financial operations shall be carried out by a Chartered Accountant. The financial report for the preceding year shall be presented at the Annual meeting for ratification. An auditor shall be appointed at this meeting.


9-1 Amendments to the By-Laws of the Association may be made at the Annual meeting or any Special meeting called for that purpose.

9-2 Notice of motion of any proposed amendment shall be submitted in writing by any five members and forwarded to the Secretary at least 14 days prior to the Annual meeting or other Special meeting properly called.

9-3 Any such amendment must be approved by a two thirds majority of voting members present at a properly constituted meeting.