LeadHello fellow Lake Louisa residents,

Following a beautiful summer where many of us were fortunate enough to take full advantage of the lake and the wonderful people, the LLPOA is pleased to share with you the results of the diver’s report conducted in August, the minutes of our August 5, 2018 AGM, as well as the Algae bloom presentation.



March 20, 2019

To the Wentworth Mayor and Council Members,

On behalf of the Lake Louisa Property Owners Association, I am writing to express our alarm about the presentation at the Wentworth Community Centre on February 24th.

We recognize the potential economic benefit for the area if the Wentworth Integrated Tourism Resort Inc. (WITRI) proposal goes ahead, however we fear the probability of irreversible environmental damage to our lake.

There are 816 residential properties in Wentworth now, over 450 of those are around Lake Louisa.  They have a reasonable expectation that their municipal government will represent their best interests and will do everything within its power to protect the reason they are here. That reason is Lake Louisa itself.

Our residents have worked hard to protect our lake. They are proud of how clean it is. They make use of the information on ecological practices provided to them by the LLPOA, and abide by the protective bylaws put in place by the municipality. They understand the delicate balance between human activity and the health of the lake must be maintained, which would be impossible with a development of the size proposed.

We appreciate that some modifications have been made to the plan to make it more agreeable to the community, such as forgoing the use of the Lake Louisa North Road and any direct access to the lake which may be available to the WITRI, however, these changes would not alleviate the threat to the lake water itself.

By their own admission, the WITRI and its affiliated group will be testing a concept created for use in other environments and climates.  As was discussed in the presentation, their project in our municipality would be the first of other developments they hope to build in North America.  We are not at all convinced that the construction of a 5 village development and a golf course in a prohibitive terrain could be realized without significant environmental damage. Moreover, it is common knowledge that the negative environmental impact of a golf course is enormous, especially since its placement is directly within our watershed. This is of great concern to our residents, judging from the pulse of the attendees, LLPOA members and residents on the lake.

On behalf of our members, we urge you to use all mechanisms at your disposal, to either block this plan in its present form, or to shape it into a project that will not threaten the health of Lake Louisa. We would be happy to work with you to develop strategies that will minimize any impact on the health of the lake, our flora and our fauna.  

Mary-Anne Armstrong

President Lake Louisa Property Owners Association

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